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If you are facing a DUI charge, what does the law firm of Trezza & Thrush
bring to the table?


Where else will you find a firm with a sole, dedicated focus to defending you against a Tucson DUI charge—and with the expertise to back it up. The law firm of Trezza and Thrush includes former judges, authors and experts in DUI Law. Steve Trezza himself is a founding member of the National College for DUI defense and a certified expert in Field Sobriety Tests as verified by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. And Bradley Thrush is a former Editor of the Journal of International and Comparative Law. By keeping their practice grounded in DUI defense, Trezza and Thrush have built the skills and process that wins cases. They have a plan of action that every member of the firm will use to personally defend you. It is the result of years of practice and it is the best way to defend and/or attack what the police officer and the prosecutor will say about you. And it provides the best chance for a dismissal or an acquittal. Trezza & Thrush are simply the best Tucson DUI Lawyers. They does not charge hourly rates. Each case is evaluated based on the facts and a flat fee is charged. For your convenience, we accept credit cards. We also have partners who can take care of your legal problems in Southwest Florida. The two companies below focus primarily on family law, but can also represent you in an DUI if you need it. Drive safe: family law divorce law

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